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Item Not Available Sizing

Size Neck Chest Arm


11.9-12.2 29.9-30.9 28.9


12.2-12.5 30.2-32.2 28.2


12.7-13.1 32.7-33.7 31.7


12.9-13.3 32.9-34.9 30.9

M Tall

11.2-11.5 30.2-33.2 27.2


11.8-12.1 32.8-35.8 29.8

L Tall

12.8-13.1 31.8-33.8 29.8


12.6-12.9 33.6-34.6 32.6

XL Tall

12.3-12.7 29.3-30.3 28.3


12.3-12.6 31.3-32.3 30.3


12.9-13.2 30.9-32.9 28.9

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